The Liars Club w/ Jessica Wellington and Felicia Michaels

Rachel Mac and Andrew Collin - The Skype/Zoom Sesssions

March 24, 2020

Damn You Marilyn Scribner! Comedians Rachel Mac (Lights Out With David Spade) and Andrew Collin (You up w/ Nikki Glaser) tell stories and lies about the man who couldn't perform in a group, the girl who couldn't dance at college, and sh*t who doesn't confuse an open mic with an AA meeting!?

Thank you so much for listening. We will be releasing our Skype and Zoom Sessions through-out the quarantine. Please bear with us as well continually improve the quality of the recordings. We are still releasing pre-virus episodes. If you are would like to play live with us follow our Instagram TheLiarsClub1 or Twitter @Liars_Club For details and times.