Ep. 36 Tom Rhodes and Pallavi Gunalan

February 12, 2019

It's a Love Tarp, Actually! Comedians Tom Rhodes and Pallavi Gunalan stop by to tell stories and lies about the racist headliner and the gun he rode in on, having sex in a haunted bathroom, and the young man who loved to smell rich ladies. #VirginityTarps


Ep. 35 Jayson Thibault and Frank Castillo

February 4, 2019

What's The Worst That Could Happen? Comedians Jayson Thibault (Punch Drunk Sports Podcast), and Frank Castillo (Roast Battle - Champ Season 2), stop by to tell stories and lies about the weakest link in Third Eye Blind, making sweet f*ck, and beware the angry man with cheap lotion on the plane. #AndrewYoureFired


Ep. 34 Fielding Edlow and Jason Rogers

January 29, 2019

The Iceman Cometh! Comedians Fielding Edlow (BoJack Horseman, Bitter Homes and Gardens), and Jason Rogers (American Me Comedy), stop by to tell stories and lies about the girl who loved pillow cases and belts, the old man that wanted to be a Hell's Angels, and who doesn't want to be the most popular dude a rave at the Rave!? #ItsShakeAndBakeAndIHelped


Ep. 33 Lucas Hirl and Stasia Patwell

January 21, 2019

Disco Naps For Everybody! Comedians Lucas Hirl (Comedy Store and Yelp), and Stasia Patwell (Ride or Die), stop by to tell stories and lies about the homeless guy who had amazing skills with his fingers, the goat who couldn't climb but loved to be milked, and the the little girl who liked piglets and lube. #PutYourShoulderIntoIt


Ep. 32 Michaels Masilotti and Mike Evans

January 14, 2019

Captain America Rides Again! Comedians Michael Masilotti (Gateway Show and Lunch Money Podcast), and Mike Evans stop by to tell stories and lies about setting dumpster fires, the girl who slept with Sam Kinison, and not for nothing - but lunch ladies who have their commercial driver's license are hot AF! #BewareTheLongAssLie


Ep. 31 Jackie Kashian and Ehsan Ahmad

January 7, 2019

The People's Princess! Jackie Kashian (Conan and The Jackie and Laurie Show), and Ehsan Ahmad (Spoil the Beans Podcast) stop by to tell stories and lies about the threesome that included 6 pair of eyes, the man who came to party and couldn't get it up, and cranky tour guides at a whorehouse down under. #RogerRabbitRidesAgain 


Ep. 30 - Shawn Pelofsky and Jason Stuart

January 1, 2019

Killer Clowns! Comedians Shawn Pelofsky (Fashion Police and Funny You Should Ask), and Jason Stuart (Birth of a Nation and Kevin Hart presents The Next Level), stop by to tell stories and lies about being nominated for an Academy Award, the happy clown that got the death penalty, and don't you hate it when someone yells, "By the love of God, don't Pelofsky that!" #WoKaWoKa


Ep. 29 Mark Hayes and Jackie Gold

December 25, 2018

Hoarding For Buddha! Comedians Mark Hayes (Ireland's craziest and wittiest comedian and writer), and Jackie Gold stop by to tell stories and lies about the Chinese man who loves to tickle strangers, the Island of Constance Germany, and the man who gave no sh*ts about helping out famed director Darren Aronofsky! #TickleTheTaint


Ep. 28 Jodi Miller and Jade Catta Preta

December 17, 2018

Doggie Style! Comedians Jodi Miller (America's Got Talent, and Funny You Should Ask), and Jade Catta Preta (Comedy Knockout and Modern Family), stop by to tell stories and lies about tubing on mushrooms, shoving a blind man, and growing up Jersey blonde. #WhereAreThePuppies


Ep. 27 J.F. Harris and Brian Simpson

December 10, 2018

Run Your Pockets! Comedians J.F. Harris (TruTV and Adult Swim and Brian Simpson), stop by to tell stories and lies about the terrible things that happen while riding the centrifugal machine at space camp, the bitchy boss that fires you, and what 11 year old hasn't started a paper route in the morning - only to end the afternoon forming a posse with a bunch of grown-ass men? #SpectacularFashion