Ep. 27 J.F. Harris and Brian Simpson

December 10, 2018

Run Your Pockets! Comedians J.F. Harris (TruTV and Adult Swim and Brian Simpson), stop by to tell stories and lies about the terrible things that happen while riding the centrifugal machine at space camp, the bitchy boss that fires you, and what 11 year old hasn't started a paper route in the morning - only to end the afternoon forming a posse with a bunch of grown-ass men? #SpectacularFashion


Ep. 26 Cort McCown and Brian Monarch

December 3, 2018

Great, It's the Blood Sucking Brady Bunch! Comedians Cort McCown (Live at Gotham, Arrested Development), and Brian Monarch (@Midnight and the Punchline TV Series), stop by to tell stories and lies about being Frank Zappa's dancing fool, a Beastie Boys bet that took 12 years to win, and sometimes the Hulk has no choice but to point out your terrible 14 year old manners while he's coking up with Mr. T.. #IminenceFront


Ep. 25 Jayson Thibault and Anyi Malik

November 26, 2018

Pull Back Wolverine, Pull Back!!! Comedians Jayson Thibault and Anyi Malik stop by to tell stories and lies about the only Dr. on TV with braids, how many apples do you actually need to make Pruno in Jail, and what one shouldn't do at Ball State when a predator is afoot. #BabySocks


Ep. 24 The Sklar Brothers

November 19, 2018

Tripping While Tripping! Comedians Jason and Randy Sklar (Sklarbro Country and Dumb People Town), stop by to tell stories and lies about a hot air balloon captained by Maverick Sullenberg, how false confidence always ends up with a ripped scrotum, and the importance of taking Molly in order to trick and treat your ass off. #OrbitalBone


Ep. 23 Kevin Christy and Mark Ellis

November 12, 2018

Pooty Tang - The Force Awakens! Comedians Kevin Christy (Masters of Sex), and Mark Ellis (Movie Trivia Schmoedown), stop by to tell stories and lies about the devil who went down to Georgia, rustling through the walk-in closet of a famous Hollywood director, and trying to talk the Knight Rider into having another brewski. #HickWhisperer


Ep. 22 Esther Ku and Josh Gibson

November 5, 2018

Spice Spice Baby! Comedians Esther Ku (MTV's Girl Code, Wild 'N Out), and Josh Gibson (Comedy Store Tonight), stop by to tell stories and lies about the pudding pop that never got hard, how to smuggle 'spice' out of Afghanistan, things you hurl on at a strip club. #EstherBreitbart #MeAlmost


Ep. 21 Tema Sall and Emmaleigh Rivera

October 29, 2018

The Whores of Yore! Episode 21 is UP! Comedians Tema Sall and Emmaleigh Rivera tell stories and lies about rough diaper changes, the madam that heated up Nova Scotia, and the make-out session with Jonathan Taylor Thomas that got away. #Paper Dick


Ep.20 Carole Montgomery and Shang

October 22, 2018

Breakfast at Tiffany's! Episode 20 is up! Comedians Carole Montgomery (the LAS VEGAS SUN calls Carole "one of Vegas’ premier comics), and Shang (2X BET's Comic View Grand Stand Winner and HBO 's Def Jam), stop by to tell stories and lies about a pearl necklace that a grown-ass woman just had to have, when you're upstaged by a drunk white woman whilst beating an audience member with the bottom of a mic stand, and yes - of course you can do characters on our show...but you better lie your ass off for us after. Oh, and Jessica finally learns there really is no breakfast at Tiffany's. #Vomitorium 


Ep.19 Carmen Morales and Bryan Vokey

October 11, 2018

The Family Business! Comedians Carmen Morales (World Series of Comedy, New York Times), and Bryan Vokey (No Sir I Don't Like That podcast), share stories and lies about the amputee who ghosted everybody, how misery loves cocaine, and the mystery of the missing rat-tail. #StripperLogic


Ep. 18 - Annie Lederman and Craig Phillip Conant

October 4, 2018

Cry Babies! Comedians Annie Lederman (Guy Code vs. Girl Code, @Midnight and Who is America), along with Craig Phillip Conant (Court Ordered, Super Guy and Friend), share stories and lies about the MySpace drug deal gone awry, the man who got Houdini'd, and I think we can all agree that ice pain beats needle pain anyday! #Corporate