Ep.19 Carmen Morales and Bryan Vokey

October 11, 2018

The Family Business! Comedians Carmen Morales (World Series of Comedy, New York Times), and Bryan Vokey (No Sir I Don't Like That podcast), share stories and lies about the amputee who ghosted everybody, how misery loves cocaine, and the mystery of the missing rat-tail. #StripperLogic


Ep. 18 - Annie Lederman and Craig Phillip Conant

October 4, 2018

Cry Babies! Comedians Annie Lederman (Guy Code vs. Girl Code, @Midnight and Who is America), along with Craig Phillip Conant (Court Ordered, Super Guy and Friend), share stories and lies about the MySpace drug deal gone awry, the man who got Houdini'd, and I think we can all agree that ice pain beats needle pain anyday! #Corporate 


Ep. 17 - Erica Rhodes and Christopher Smith Bryant

September 27, 2018

The Faux-val Office! Comedians Erica Rhodes (@Midnight and Prairie Home Companion), and Christopher Smith Bryant (Enemies of Dorothy and Netflix's Cooking on High), share stories and lies about being punked on a film set, water moccasins, and the billboard model who had no game. #Dickmatized


Ep 16 - Skyler Stone and Mary Basmadjian

September 20, 2018

Cocaine and Kidney Stones! Comedians Skyler Stone (Comedy Central, 2 Broke Girls) and Mary Basmadjian (Armenian Comedy Allstars), share stories and lies about warming up the crowd for Steve Martin and Martin Short, faking a kidney stone so you don't have to take a pee test, and screw the judgy people who think that pregnant women with twins aren't supposed to go to Magic Mountain for a roller coaster ride. #BishIGotTheTicket


Ep. 15 - Bert Kreischer

September 14, 2018

Play Mister For Me! Hot off his Netflix Special: Secret Time, Bert Kreischer shares stories and lies between shows at Levity Live in Oxnard, California - for our very first remote! This episode gleefully bounces from heartfelt conversation, being interviewed by one of your biggest freaking fans, to packing your wife's heat without her knowledge, and ending with a huge shout-out to all the pants we've shit before. #AllNighter


Ep. 14 - Tamer Kattan and Justin Martindale

September 7, 2018

Bloody Wheelies! Comedians Tamer Kattan (WINNER OF COMEDY KNOCKOUT TRUTV 2017), and Justin Martindale (Funny You Should Ask), stop by to tell stories and lies about a ghost named Steve from 1800's Savannah, the Zipper carnival ride from hell, and look - sometimes it's your fault when a kid in the neighborhood gets a sprinkler jammed up his butt. #Mediokra


Ep. 13 - Sam Tripoli and Brody Stevens

September 5, 2018

Outrage Culture! Comedians Sam Tripoli (Tin Foil Hat and Punch Drunk Sports Podcasts), and Brody Stevens (Hangover, Chelsea Lately), share stories and lies about the man that made Dennis Rodman cry, sure you can zag when everyone is zigging - but there ain't no money in it, and finally sometimes when you are on acid you might have to suck a dick to save your life. #ComicsAreGoingToComic


Thank you Andrew Rose!

Artwork by Michael Klein.


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Ep. 12 - Rocco Stowe and Susan Jones

August 30, 2018

Accidental Anal! Comedians Rocco Stowe and Susan Jones stop by to tell stories and lies about bolting in the middle of the night on your honeymoon for Ron White, and the things you talk your cousin into doing that include the Eiffel Tower and a Russian. Oh, and Jessica finally learns how to pistol whip others. #RegularButtSex


Ep. 11 - Billy Anderson and Walter Reyes

August 23, 2018

Hangover Tales!!! Comedians Billy Anderson (Cracked.com, Laughs on Fox TV), and Walter Reyes (MiTu Network, Univision and Telemundo) stop by to share stories and lies about a one legged stripper, the memorial tramp stamp that c*ck-blocked the best of them, and vanilla air freshener...the gateway drug. #RegularVaginaSex 


Ep. 10 - Jessa Reed and Isak Allen

August 14, 2018

Road TRIP!!! Comedians Isak Allen and Jessa Reed (Comedy Central's This is Not Happening), tell stories and lies about a young horny man and the innocent snowbank he splooges on, trucks who's lights magically guide you, and f*ck it - who needs lower dentures anyway!?! #DocMartinFactoryExcuses